Academic autonomy
Organisations embarking on academic autonomy face two challenges: a framework for implementation & administration of the autonomous process itself and academic and innovation within this framework.
What is contineo
'Contineo' is a pioneering software platform for implementation and administration of academic autonomy. Contineo executes full academic autonomy culminating in secure, confidential, accurate, efficient and auditable examinations of both the digitized answer script and conventional paper and pen variety.

The contineo IT platform helps organizations to quickly get their autonomous processes under control and provides insightful analytics so they can focus on academic innovation and research.

With contineo, your academic journey can be:
Implement and administer autonomy - Foster academic excellence - Accelerate academic innovation and streamline research activities
Design philosophy
Contineo’s innovative design philosophy provides users unprecedented power and control over processes through time and context aware dashboards held together in a clean, uncluttered, intuitive interface. Exception based management is intrinsic. Important functions like answer script evaluation have a unique management framework for control of the complex process through analytical visualization
Collaborative infrastructure for Research
Employing the familiar web 2.0 entry points, Contineo’s research colab-spaces is an advancement on the crowdsourcing ideas of the internet. It empowers research stakeholders to connect, collaborate, create and share without constraints of physical location.
Business benefits of implementing contineo
  • Granular tracking of academic plan
  • Unified view across the lifecycle
  • Exception based management
  • Early warning system for key operating parameters
  • Measurement of academic operating parameters
  • Examinations management that is secure, confidential, accurate, efficient and auditable for both digitized and conventional paper and pen answer scripts
  • Academic Statutory compliances
  • Real time reporting to stakeholders
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